Our rating system for diverse books covers three main points: quality, diversity, and individual impact. These points mean how well the writing quality is, how well diversity is incorporated into the plot, and how the story impacted the teen reviewer personally. We ask our team the following questions in order for them to rate the books to the best of their ability.


  • What GENRE is this book in?

  • How would you rate the WRITING of this book? (scale of 1-5)

  • How would you rate the FLOW of the plot/pacing of action? (scale of 1-5)



  • What CATEGORIES OF DIVERSITY were included in this book?

  • Was the main or close supporting characters a character of diversity? Which diversity categories would they fit under?

  • How incorporated were the main characters of diversity into the main storyline? (How often did the reader come across them)

  • Was diversity included in the plot as a signal of struggle or a characteristic of character?

  • Did you relate to the storyline/could you see yourself in the diverse characters?

  • If not, did the characters of diversity offer you new insight?

Impact on Individual

  • How would you rate how much you enjoyed this book? (scale of 1-5)

  • How would you rate how this book made you feel? (scale of nothing to reflective and whole)

Note: Mirror Me Diversity's definition of diversity is a wide, yet specific one. We consider diversity in all aspects of identity, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and individuals with disabilities, whether those be mental or physical.