On a grand scale, Mirror Me Diversity hopes to allow the youth of today, as well as those who care about youth (like parents and teachers), to expose themselves to diverse characters and storylines that will prepare them to be the inclusive leaders of tomorrow.


On a more personal scale, Mirror Me Diversity hopes to help youth maintain interest in reading throughout their adolescence and beyond. Diverse and interesting stories promise a more intrigued reader.


There are three key aspects of Mirror Me Diversity: 


Most of our education occurs via the very website you are on right now. On this website, those interested in helping their youth (parents, teachers, the youth themselves, etc.) can flip through the diverse reading lists and the guides on how to introduce diversity to curriculums and reading lists to learn more about diversity in literature.

Reading with Coffee

Any book that is on this website is paired with an affiliate link that you can click to buy them directly from the page. This provides an easy opportunity for you to buy these diverse books via a link on the website. Over the next few months, we will be updating these links to contribute to book stores owned by marginalized identities. We also offer teenagers the opportunity to become a part of a larger community of diverse book lovers, as well as diverse authors the opportunity to be highlighted on our Spotlight page. 


With the help of both your monetary and book donations, Mirror Me Diversity sponsors and manages book-raisers to advocate for the diverse literacy of youth who may not be able to attain these books otherwise. Our most recent book-drive has partnered with Horizons at The Ethel Walker School. Please contact us if you are interested in having your organization partner with Mirror Me Diversity for a book drive. 

Kids Reading Outdoor